Rafting is an adventurous navigation down wild rivers in a rubber boat which is steered by paddles. A single boat can carry between six and nine people, led by a skipper. Rafting boats are made of Hypalon (a highly resistant rubber) or PVC fabric. There are five separate inflatable chambers that ensure boat’s stability.

Even though it falls into the category of extreme sports, rafting is firstly a form of sports recreation.  Sailing down wild mountain rivers, through dangerous rapids, avoiding rocks that emerge from the clear river depths, ensure an adrenaline surge and enjoyment in nature’s beauty in a whole different way.

Depending on sailing conditions, rafting can range from one of the most beautiful active holidays to extreme sports.

Rafting is an extremely dynamic and demanding job for your skipper, but also presents a true pleasure and an unforgettable form of fun for all participants.



We offer you a different way of relaxation!

Active vacation at Neretva river the most beautiful river of the Adriatic basin, that takes you through one of the most striking river canyons!



• Welcome aperitif (homemade spirits and liqueurs)
• Country breakfast (prosciutto, eggs, cheese, fritters, fruits, vegetarian breakfast option)
• Warm drinks (coffee, milk, tea…) and juices
• Snack at the Neretva canyon (sandwiches, juices, fruits)
• Hercegovinian lunch (soup, roast, salad, desert, vegetarian lunch option)

• One day insurance

* * *

– NOTE –

• min. 6 – max. 8 guests per group
• Transportation to Konjic city is not included in price!
• We can offer you transportation from/to your destination!
• We can offer you accommodation over night!

• Rafting trip requires no previous experience
• Children 10 + acommpanied by parents
• Your safety during rafting trip is ensured by a cetrified guide and a skipper
• All guests are equipped with neccesary quality equipment (neoprene suits, helmets, vests and paddles, shoes)
• Bring your swimming suits, sunscreen and extra dry clothes
• The 24 km long canyon is crossed withing 4 to 5 hours
• Your photo cameras are placed in a water resistant container
• Do not bring wrist watches, glasses, jewelry
• Foreign tourists are required to bring passports

• Rafting participants gather in Konjic in the early morning hours
• Breakfast in the pleasant ambiance of our restaurant
• Acquiring rafting equipment, theoretical and practical demonstrations by skipper
• Transportation to rafting starting point at the place of Glavatičevo (30 min long drive)
• Rafting trip to the mouth of Rakitnica river (break for snack and sightseeing)
• The trip continues to the place of Ljuta – rafting finish line
• During the trip it is possible to take pictures, go swimming, diving, jumping off cliffs…
• End of rafting trip, returning equipment and transportation to restaurant (5 min long drive)

•Lunch and departure